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MAN-Roland Polyman

MAN-Roland Polyman
Year: 1990
Ref. number: PR-672

4-color press with hot drying (HeatSet)

Performs double-sided printing (on both sides of a sheet 4 + 4) on roll paper (rolls)

Roll width (min - 84 cm, max - 95.5 cm)

Paper weight (weight) (min - 39 g / m2, max - 115 g / m2)

Cutting width - 63 cm. (Paper cutting along the roll)

Print speed - 25,000 ÷ 35,000 prints per hour.

The main type of product: 16-page notebook A4 or 8-page notebook A3 (based on it you can get 2, 4, 8-page notebooks). At the exit of the machine, the notebook can be: 1) uncut (used later for sewing on VSHRA), 2) cut to the format (cutting is done with special cutters, finished products).

When printing 8 and 16 (finished products) page notebooks can be glued with glue on the root